Get Your Copy

The Rotherham Business community working with place marketing specialists ‘thinking place’ have identified a clear story for Rotherham – focusing on:

  • Why is Rotherham special?
  • What is Rotherham’s ambition?
  • What is Rotherham’s story?

This work has resulted in the production of the Rotherham Story which provides a clear strategy that sets Rotherham apart from other areas.  The Rotherham Story highlights, unifies and profiles Rotherham’s assets; it details three areas of focus –

  • Engineering Excellence
  • Living Green
  • Pushing Boundaries

It provides a story that all Rotherham businesses can get behind and a toolkit of vibrant, modern visual language which can be used by all Rotherham organisations.  The Rotherham Story will be brought to life and actively used by the Rotherham Pioneers – Please help us tell our story.

Download the Rotherham Story now – 13Mb