Thanking our Public Sector Leaders for the role they play and listening to some of their challenges, achievements and what their job entails, provided an event with a difference held at LIFEWISE, check out the photos of this amazing place – you have to see to it to believe just how real & authentic it is.

Sharon Kemp, CE RMBC who gave an honest account of Rotherham MBC’s Improvement Journey, both internally within the council but also with external stakeholders and partners. Sharon praised her team and external partners commitment to their journey which resulted in a recent external Health Check Team stating:  “presently fit to continue its improvement journey without Commissioner over sight…the speed and extent of the improvements delivered since 2015 are impressive.” The Rotherham Together Partnership produced a short video on results against its 5 Game Changers, of which The Rotherham Story and Rotherham Pioneers features, please see video below:

Tony Carlin and Russ Parramore from Fire & Rescue gave us just a snippet and insight into Emergency Planning, a couple of facts and things they and others across the UK and world plan for…

  • 280,000 cyber-attacks on power stations have been thwarted!
  • Space meteor attacks really do happen and take out communications – not just in Hollywood movies!

An event for businesses is being run on 16th October – 2 sessions (08:30 to 10:30 and 15:30 to 17:30) at the Lifewise Centre, using the set to simulate a range of scenarios e.g. cyber-attack, counter terrorism, loss of power, where Subject Matter Experts will recreate the scenario as realistically as possible and discuss and advise how business can prepare and respond to these. Please contact Russ to book on,  I’m going!

Paul Ferguson, Chief Inspector, outlined all the different laws which give us rights and how balancing public safety can be challenging as well as updating on priorities for SY Police. Please sign up for their on liner ALERTS, see the link below

Damien Wilson, Strategic Director, Regeneration and Environment delivered The Great Update – fantastic developments for Rotherham including transport improvements, plans for a Caravan Park at Rother Valley Country Park, RMBC Planning once again recognised as the best in the UK, and much more- see presentation for more information

Have a great Summer – see you in September at our next event, on line booking already set up – just follow the links!

Download our Pioneer Presentation here.

Living Green at Rotherham Golf Club

11th September 2018 5.30pm to 7.30pm, Guest speakers include Julie Dalton, MD of Gulliver’s who are building Gulliver’s Park number 4 in Rotherham, their largest development to date, as well as Polly Hamilton, Deputy Director Culture, Sport & Tourism RMBC, who will outline exciting plans for our visitor economy and wonderful assets.

A PIONEERING Traditional Christmas: 6th December 2018 7.45am to 9.30 am  at Clifton Park Museum