Work-Wise is an employer inspired and led organisation for science, technology, engineering, manufacturing and related sectors to support the development of children and young people so they have the knowledge, skills, aptitude and opportunities for employment.


Work-Wise is a registered charity established in 2011. Initiated by businesses from Rotherham and Sheffield to address growing concerns around sector recruitment shortages, skills gaps and the lack of job ready, employable young people.

Our initial focus was on the engineering and manufacturing sectors and developed into STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). work-wise has now extended its reach and strategy to address employability skills in general amongst young people across South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire.

Driven by employers work-wise resides between business and education developing and delivering practical solutions to address current and future industry needs.

Working predominantly with young people still in full time education (Primary, Secondary, FE and HE) all work-wise interventions involve employer input in design and delivery from long term programmes (e.g. Cutlers’ Ambassadors Better Learners, Better Workers), careers showcase events (e.g. Get up to Speed) through to one off activities (e.g. What Employers Want Student Conferences, Skills Matter Days). work-wise also provides support and training to employers (particularly SME’s and micro businesses) looking to engage with young people.

Strong economies and successful businesses need a talent pipeline of young people and a skilled workforce to succeed, something Rotherham recognises. work-wise are proud to be a Rotherham Pioneer and play our part in helping develop the talent and skills of our young people to achieve this ambition.