Sheffield Credit Union incorporating Rothersave is a not-for-profit co-operative provider of safe savings and affordable loans for local people.

With offices in Rotherham and Sheffield, it provides the opportunity for members to speak to real people about sensible solutions to make the most of their money, and avoid high cost lenders, unsafe savings accounts and certain banking services which may not suit their needs in some circumstances.

Recognising the needs of those who are in work and out of work, it offers flexible services including flexible ID requirements and online account access to check account balances, arrange withdrawals and apply for loans and savings products.  Established in 2004 from the amalgamation of smaller community credit unions, it offers a strong platform to ensure that services offered can grow and expand – difficult to achieve by smaller individual organisations.  Rothersave merged with Sheffield Credit Union for the same reason – to ensure continued provision of ethical savings and loans to people in Rotherham.

Credit Unions are more than simply a savings and loans provider – they actively assist members to make the most of their money helping with such areas as managing bills, improving credit records and accessing complementary financial services to suit their individual needs.