Keep Your Fork’s services are for those who are serious about attracting new clients and growing. By getting your name out there and building your reputation, customers come to YOU!

Keep Your Fork brings together a team of communication professionals from well-respected journalists to digital marketing specialists who have vast experience in all areas of marketing and public relations, media, personal and business branding and development. Our Fork Folk are all outstanding experts in their field and our journalists have built invaluable relationships with a huge variety of local, regional and national media contacts.

We love to help businesses, charities and entrepreneurs communicate their success. Last year, almost every one of our clients had a staggering 100% success in seeing their stories reach the media – the industry average is around 50%. Many of our clients’ stories go even further, getting picked up by national on and offline publications, radio and even TV.

Keep Your Fork is at heart a ‘social purpose’ company which demonstrates ‘giving back’, from charity support to mentorship. We are committed to working with other ethical organisations and always consider social and environmental ethics in our decision making.


I spent almost a decade of my working life in Rotherham as head of membership, marketing & sales at Rotherham Chamber-TEC. During that time I had the privilege of working with many amazing businesses and ‘salt of the earth’ employers, some of whom we now have the privilege of representing as co-Pioneers.

My amazing thing is finding the courage and the amazing team to head off solo travelling around Australia for 8 weeks after two bereavements, never even having driven abroad or been on a plane on my own before.

My company is amazing because we are the only social purpose marketing and PR consultancy in the region. We live our values daily helping charities and start ups as well as some of the region’s foremost businesses, and employ only the very best former journalists and specialists to communicate the success of everyone we work with, with 100% success last year.

We are proud to have worked for years with Rotherham Hospice, Wentworth Woodhouse and Airmaster air conditioning. All different, all led by incredible people bringing huge benefit to the area.