Grimm & Co is an independent charity, championing the writer in every child. We are a member of the Ministry of Stories family – furthering the mission to celebrate writing for pleasure and create a nation of story tellers.


Grimm & Co, supplying evil plots, wild schemes and kitchenware since 1148.

Grimm & Co, Apothecary to the Magical was established in 1148 by our celebrated founder, Master Graham Grimm. Being a straight talking Yorkshireman with strong business acumen Graham runs a thriving apothecary, supplying unnatural products and sought after services to magical beings to this present day. Recently, on the grounds of austerity and following a visit from Mary Portals, Queen of Shocks (retail giant from the other world), Graham made the groundbreaking decision to make our Rotherham apothecary visible to all beings (even mortals).

The Writers’ Pad: Through the secret door (somewhere in the apothecary) you may find our journey to another world where imaginations are unleashed and the joyful discovery of stories changes lives, one story at a time. We work directly with children and young people and with schools to build young people’s motivation to write and to see themselves as confident and able writers.