Representing Carl Stahl throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Whilst continuing to provide specialised lifting and safety training on a worldwide scale, the newly formed UK based company now provides a comprehensive range of products including; special Diepa crane wire ropes, Tecnomagnete lifting magnets, high-quality stainless steel cables & fittings for architectural and safety applications, and a wide and varied range of lifting gear and appliances.

Carl Stahl remains committed to providing the highest quality product and service to its customers, expertise is backed up by research, and the group strives to provide its clients with precise requirements.

Carl Stahl Evita Limited is well placed and heavily supported both nationally and internationally which guarantees a quality and efficient service.


Carl Stahl Evita Ltd became a Rotherham Pioneer to get involved with our local business community, to help and where possible, dedicate time to driving Rotherham and it’s community into a successful and happy environment. For people to live, work and grow into this historic area.