Visiting Rotherham over 10 years ago, I stayed an hour and vowed never to return. My working life brought me back in 2012 and I decided to make the best of my time here


After really exploring the town and borough I was amazed by what Rotherham had to offer, with improvement plans and developments already started. The more I know, the more I want to help and play my part in what is, without doubt, a place on the upturn. Being a Pioneer gives me the opportunity to spend time with like-minded people who are proud of Rotherham and want to make a difference.

AESSEAL is a Founder Member of the Rotherham Pioneers. The company employs over 1,700 people worldwide, is a world leading manufacturer and has its global head offices right here in Rotherham. Leading the way in engineering excellence, AESSEAL also plays its part contributing to the community by promoting engineering, foreign languages and other core subjects in local schools, mentoring students of all ages and abilities and actively improving the quality of life for under-privileged and disadvantaged groups.