Rotherham businesses have come together to promote the borough as a place to ‘invest, do business, visit, study, live and enjoy’.

“Rotherham has had pioneers for generations but today’s new Pioneers will not only have the resilience of their predecessors but will add innovation, determinations and ambition. It really is a privilege to work with Rotherham businesses, who will succeed by working together towards a common goal – putting Rotherham on the map as a place to invest, do business, visit, study, live and enjoy.”

Hodsock Priory’s George Buchanan, who is business lead for a similar scheme, told businesses at the event “don’t ask what’s in it for me?” ask “What can we do to get involved?”’.

George reported on the huge successes in North Notts, saying:

“It’s powerful and it works. I recommend you all get involved in with your Pioneer programme from today. As a matter of course, tell everyone you know that you’re proud to be involved and your contacts will soon follow. Imagine what you’ll get up to once you get started. From my experience, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to our area and it’s a thrill to be in the driving seat.”

Julie Kenny issued a call to action for Rotherham businesses to sign up and get involved and went on to talk about the benefits to businesses of becoming a Pioneer, which includes being the first to find out about activity to support Rotherham business growth, hearing from Rotherham companies, sharing experiences, making new business contacts and hearing about business opportunities. She went on to inform the group of a series of business contracts available at Wentworth Woodhouse.

Matthew Ridsdale, from local business Cannon PR, attended the event and signed up to be a Rotherham Pioneer.

He said:

“Joining the Rotherham Pioneers programme is an exciting opportunity for business owners based in the borough. It provides a chance to come together, share knowledge and perhaps most importantly work collaboratively to put the town on the map for the right reasons. There are some truly amazing businesses here. Working together will provide a chance to celebrate success, boost the local economy, resulting in new opportunities and the creation of new skilled jobs and a place we can all be proud of.”

For further information, For more information, and to sign up to become a Pioneer, go to the newly launched Pioneer website or telephone 01709 254444.