Happy Christmas Pioneers!

From me, Vicki and the team here, a very sincere thank you for all of your support in 2017. We hope you all have a very festive, fun, family filled Christmas, and we feel sure that 2018 will be an amazing year for us all!

For those of you who joined us on Monday at Grimm & Co., for a Little Christmas Cheer, thank you for coming, I know how precious time is especially this time of year. For those of you who haven’t had chance to visit Grimm & Co., yet, I truly recommend that you do so in 2018, it is an amazing example of a Pioneer Pushing Boundaries, daring to be different, making a huge difference to children, and attracting visitors from inside and outside of our town. Deborah Bullivant, the very creative and imaginative founder told a story of Graham Grimm and magical beings …. followed by Commissioner Julie Kenny and Sharon Kemp, CEX of RMBC, who reflected on the changes and developments in our town in 2017, from the arrival of McLaren, to the new town centre masterplan being implemented as well as the launch of The Rotherham Story and the commitment of all our Pioneers.

And finally, I added a twist on the traditional tale, A Christmas Carol…all about our Rotherham Story, Engineering Excellence, Living Green and Pushing Boundaries, a Christmas poem which I have attached for you here to use as you wish.

Have a great one everyone, see you all in 2018 for an even more exciting, positive and productive year.

– Jackie Freeborn, Place Manager- Custodian of The Rotherham Story