Rotherham Pioneers is a programme that will unite businesses, organisations and individuals across the area in a powerful network to change perceptions of Rotherham and raise its profile

Rotherham Pioneers will be proactive advocates for the town and area both nationally and internationally, with the power to influence how it is marketed, portrayed in the media and at events; to get it known and recognised by the people that matter.

Rotherham Pioneers will bring together the knowledge, networks, passion and determination of businesses, organisations and individuals as a powerful force, helping the place compete; attracting investment, business and visitors to create a more successful economy to the benefit of everyone in the borough.

If that sounds like you or your organisation, then Rotherham Pioneers is for you.

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Senior networking and collaboration

  • Rotherham Pioneers will be part of, and have access to, a powerful network of influencers and decision makers through regular meetings.
  • Speakers will range from key players leading the area’s major developments to senior figures across the region and UK.
  • Rotherham Pioneers will be a highly regarded group in the area, they will hear news of developments first and often be the first names on key invitation lists.

Raising your organisation’s profile

Rotherham Pioneers will have the opportunity to raise their profile through:

  • Circulation of news stories via regular communication
  • A place presence at key external business and investment events
  • Hosting meetings
  • Profiling on a Pioneers website
  • Media opportunities both regionally and nationally

Access to marketing materials

To help support your organisation to ‘tell and sell’ the Rotherham story, we have produced a range of tools for you to use, with more to come, including:

  • The Rotherham storybook which outlines our new story and thinking as to how the place will develop and promote itself
  • An image bank of high quality photography based on the story
  • A full design toolkit enabling use of the new communications style alongside your corporate materials
Get Involved

If you want to get together with other people and organisations that have the passion, enthusiasm, commitment and desire to champion Rotherham then simply talk to us.

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